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Redesign Your Garden: Hard Landscaping & More

From planning to your brand new garden design to budgeting and your final space, redesigning your garden can feel like a hassle. However, we’re here to help! As one of the industry leaders in hard landscaping in Tiverton and the surrounding area we can do everything from erecting fencing to laying stunning patios and pathways.

Planning Your Garden

Understanding your approach, budget and what you want to use your garden for are key to the design of the space. Our team are able to advise on the overall design of your outdoor space depending on your goals for it but ultimately, the way in which you want your garden laid out is up to you.

For landscaping, there are some key considerations:

Garden Fence

What Does Your Garden Need?

Determining both what your garden needs and what you want from the space are the fundamentals of designing your new garden; so the process should start there.

Are there any issues with the space? This could be a lack of privacy from the street or neighbouring gardens, does the water pool not run away correctly or is it just that the space isn’t right for hosting?

Deciding how much maintenance you wish to put into your garden is also important, when we advise on the redesigns of gardens it’s always a worth while question to ask how much time you want to spend looking after plants, maintaining fencing, patios etc.

Designing Your Outdoor Space

Whilst this is the fun part of your garden redesign process, it’s important to remember the needs mentioned above whilst finding a balance with your own vision for the space. Whether that is more space for hosting friends and families, a more tranquil flower garden space, etc.

Often a complete garden makeover from hard landscaping to picking out plants can lead to a much more coherent final outcome, it can mean more time taken to create and your budget will have to match that. When it comes to hard landscaping in your garden such as a new patio, block paving, creating raised areas, etc. it can completely transform your space in a matter of days.

How AD Plant & Construction Can Help

When it comes to garden & outdoor space redesigns, we’re the company to help. Whilst we may not be the best at picking out plants and flowers, we are certainly very good at creating beautiful spaces through fencing and hard landscaping solutions.

A great looking fence can really transform your garden whilst adding much needed privacy to the space. We can advise on using fencing in creative ways; from being a decorative way to screen from outside entities such as roads, pathways and neighbours to being used to create clear divisions between two spaces within the garden.

As well as being a barrier from prying eyes, solid fences are also great for protecting your outdoor space from the elements, with some areas of your land potentially requiring more protections than other areas.

As we’ve mentioned, drastic hard landscaping can really change the look and feel of a space almost instantly. From a personalised patio with paving slabs of your choosing, to creating steps from your property or even pathways that branch off to other areas of your garden, hard landscaping is where our team of professionals thrive.

Our experts will take care of everything from start to end, including the groundwork and the removal of any old materials from the area that will be replaced. We’ll make sure the edging on your walkway or patio looks professional, neat, and attractive.

Contact A.D Plant For Hard Landscaping

Contact us for more information about garden redesigns and hard landscaping in Tiverton and the surrounding areas.

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