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Mini Digger Hire

We offer mini digger hire to local customers. Whether you are an experienced tradesperson needing to get work done on site, or a DIY-er working on a residential property, our mini diggers can get your project underway. Our machinery is not only an efficient solution, it is also available for an affordable price. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and make a booking.

orange digger in mud

What Is A Mini Digger?

A mini digger, also known as a micro digger or mini excavator, is a small yet powerful piece of plant machinery that enables the user to excavate areas of land in a short space of time. In most instances, small excavators weigh under 2 tonnes and can be used by a trained operator. These diggers have rubber tracks and are accompanied by a pneumatic boom, which we control with levers found on the control panel.

Several attachments can connect to a small excavator boom, enabling the machine to carry out a wide range of tasks.

What Is A Mini Digger Used For?

Since they are very compact in size, mini excavators are suitable for a wide range of projects. You can also opt to get bucket attachments in various sizes, including attachments with flat edges and teeth. Buckets with teeth are excellent for ploughing into and excavating the ground. Buckets that are flat edged collect, shift and drop materials including soil, gravel and sand.

small digger being operated

The Advantages of Using a Mini Digger

As they are small in size, mini diggers can enter areas that larger plant machinery is unable to. Many small excavators feature retractable tracks and roll bars, so they can manoeuvre through regular sized doorways and house gates. This means they are appropriate for residential areas, as well as building and industrial sites.

Small diggers can carry out work more quickly, excavating extensive patches of land and shifting significant quantities of material in very little time. Small excavators are not as difficult to operate as more sizeable excavators. They have simple lever controls.

How Much Does It Cost To Book A Mini Digger?

The cost of hiring a mini digger varies from case to case, as it depends on the scale of equipment you need, the hire duration, where you live (due to transportation costs), and the type of attachments and buckets needed.

We hire out small diggers to many local customers for affordable prices. Even if this is your first time hiring a small excavator, you can rest assured that we will make the process easy for you. We can provide you with a detailed price breakdown and make sure you get the right insurance. To get an estimation, give us a call today.

excavator on site

Contact Us For Mini Digger Hire

Get in touch with us today if you require mini digger hire in Tiverton or a surrounding location. A friendly member of our team will be able to answer any enquiries you may have and provide you with any advice you need.

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