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Your garden’s form and structure are created by hard landscaping services. Hard landscaping – which includes anything from patios to paving, fencing to fountains, serves as a foundation for the softer features, such as flowers and plants. Hard landscaping services refers to working with physically hard components.

This could be anything from; block paving, concrete, brickwork, paving Slabs and much more. Depending on the design options you choose for your newly renovated outdoor space, there are many different materials and construction options that can completely change the appearance and practicality of your garden.


Patios are a common hard landscaping service, as they add contrast & functionality to gardens at a com. They are a great addition to any home you can use a patio to sit in your outdoor space all year round. By installing a patio in your garden, you can entertain guests and friends with ease as well as being a suitable area for a conservatory or french doors to open out to.

Retaining Walls, Steps & Raised Area Landscaping

Landscaping renovation projects will often require the construction and installation of a retaining wall, steps or other raised platforms or areas. Materials such as timber, stone, bricks and other high-quality construction materials can be used based on individual style and needs, whether you opt for a more rustic appearance or something more modern.

new pathing after being laid

Hard Landscaping Fencing

Fencing can be a decorative way to create barriers or divisions between 2 areas of your outdoor space for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. All of these can be durable and tailored to suit the needs of the property.

From sturdy & strong borders for your commercial property to rail fencing for equestrian areas, the range of fencing & hard landscaping services are endless.

Hard Landscaping Services Tiverton

A.D Plant & Construction we offer comprehensive hard landscaping services in Tiverton and the surrounding areas. Our professional team is fully trained and equipped to handle any project – no matter how big or small so contact us today.

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