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Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundations form a fundamental element of construction. If you do not have a strong foundation, your building may move and shift with the ground and lack stability. Typically, foundations tend to fall into the category of either shallow or deep. Purposes that a foundation must serve include: strengthening the overall property structure, preventing water from penetrating the ground and stopping moisture from getting into the foundation. If tradespeople design a foundation well, it will effectively distribute the pressure of a structure.

concrete being poured

There are several kinds of foundations. In this article, we will discuss the types used most regularly. Of course, the most appropriate foundation for your construction project will be dependent on your budget and the property scale. Whichever foundation you proceed with for your project, one thing that should be always kept in mind is moisture in the ground. Water can heighten the chances of cracks developing, which can undermine the integrity of the foundation. Coating the foundation with sealants is important for reducing this possibility.

Shallow Foundations

Shallow foundations are a form of concrete foundation that many individuals come across in their residential projects. Here we will observe the sorts of shallow foundations used most frequently:

Other Shallow Foundations

There are many different forms of shallow concrete foundation. These differ in some ways. However, all foundations serve to support the weight of a construction by using a material that is near to the surface. These include rubble trench, spread footing and earthbag, mat slab and slab on foundations. The most suitable form of foundation for your project will depend on the type of soil in the area, the structure and environmental conditions.

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Deep Foundations

As is indicated by the name, deep foundations are constructed deeper in the ground than the shallow alternative. Therefore, in the majority of instances they can cope with more pressure and engineers can insert a pile deep into the ground. Deep foundations are fundamental to the stability and safety of large constructions. Furthermore, unlike shallow foundations, moisture does not affect it much. In many instances, the foundations are made from concrete, though you can also construct them from steel and timber. 

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The main forms of deep foundation include cast in situ, sheet, screw and soldier. Using piles for foundations is an old practice. Piles have been used for hundreds of years. Contemporary piling methods used in businesses demand heavy machinery. Although piles work well, people use shallow piles more often in minor projects such as garden buildings.

Choosing Concrete Foundations For A Successful Project

Your foundation will determine how successful your project is. In the majority of instances, it is not the best idea to undertake the task of building one without the assistance of an expert. You will be happy to know that our professional tradespeople have significant experience in constructing foundations. Contact us today to make any further enquiries.

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