Building Services: The Importance Of Quality Timber In Barn Construction

farm barn

When looking at building services, it’s vital you choose a company that prioritises high-quality materials. Timber is a structural component that plays a vital role in the functionality and longevity of agricultural buildings. As a result, choosing a contractor that uses the best timber available is paramount when building a high-quality structure. But why is […]

Redesign Your Garden: Hard Landscaping & More

Landscape Gardening

Planning a garden design that fits your budget and creates your dream space can feel like a hassle. However, we’re here to help! As one of the industry leaders in hard landscaping in Tiverton and the surrounding areas, we can do everything from erecting fencing to laying patios and pathways. Planning Your Garden Understanding your […]

The Advantages Of Steel Frame Construction

steel buildings

As a construction company specialising in steel & timber frame construction, we have an interest in steel frame constructions. However, steel may not always be the best method for every building. With various highly effective construction technologies available, we’re going to go through the key advantages of steel frame construction. As well as this, we’ll […]