When looking at building services, it’s vital you choose a company that prioritises high-quality materials. Timber is a structural component that plays a vital role in the functionality and longevity of agricultural buildings. As a result, choosing a contractor that uses the best timber available is paramount when building a high-quality structure.

But why is quality wood just so important? Read on for our overview of why quality wood plays such a vital role in barn construction.

To help emphasize the role that quality wood plays in barn construction, we’ve created this useful overview.

The Benefits Of A High-Quality Timber Frame

As of January 2023, the cost of building materials and components has increased by almost 27% since 2022. With this in mind, it can be challenging to find an equilibrium between budget and build quality. However, there are certain materials that not only increase the functionality and longevity of a build, but save you money as well.

Timber is one of these materials. When the right species of tree is sawn, treated and stored correctly, it creates a product that is both long-lasting and easier to work with. This results in a shorter construction time for a build that will stand the test of time.

How To Identify The Best Timber For Your Barn

Before committing to a certain grade of timber for your barn, you must first identify the strengths that you value most. For example, you may want a sturdy and extremely durable barn. As such, you would lean towards green oak as the ideal candidate.

But what if your location is damp and prone to flooding? Then, treated pine might actually be a better alternative, as, while not as sturdy, it is far more resistant to water.

It is vitally important to evaluate all aspects of your build before deciding upon your timber. You can discuss all of these aspects with the contractor that provides your building services, to ensure you use the appropriate products.

Although green oak is strong and resilient, it is vulnerable to warping when exposed to moisture. As a result, opting for a heavy-grade, treated pine might actually be a better alternative. This emphasizes the importance of evaluating all aspects of your build to expose the most vital considerations. You can discuss all these aspects with the contractor that provides your building services, to ensure you use the appropriate products.

Why High-Quality Products Are Vital For Agricultural Building Services

Agricultural buildings, such as milking parlours and barns, are subject to several unique circumstances that typical structures are not. That’s why it’s paramount that certain high-quality materials, such as timber, are prioritised for their particular function.

The average cow weighs 1.3 tonnes, and they’re not known to be agile or delicate. Taking this into account, it’s extremely important that the timber frame of this building can withstand the weight of these behemoths. We recommend opting for sturdy, strong, and hard-wearing timber for the frame of your agricultural buildings to ensure that no damage is caused by unruly livestock.

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