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Building Services Tiverton

Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial Buildings

A.D Plant Hire offer high-quality building services in Tiverton and the surrounding areas. We design and construct a wide range of structures, including buildings for commercial, industrial and agricultural use, as well as residential properties. Experienced in using many different materials, we specialise in timber- and steel-frame constructions that are suitable for anything from equestrian stables to housing livestock.

We are a family-run building company in Tiverton. Our work has earned us a strong, trustworthy reputation across North and Mid Devon. Our outstanding craftsmanship offers a personal and dedicated approach that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to our construction services, we also provide fully operated plant machinery and concreting services.

Local Building Services In Tiverton

Our building services in Tiverton include the construction of properties, warehouses and industrial units. We cater to all aspects of the build, simplifying and streamlining your project. Choosing us guarantees a quality of work backed by years of industrial experience.

Our services include:

Our team of highly skilled operators are fully qualified in machine operation. All of our materials come exclusively from verified and recognised suppliers. All prices are disclosed and agreed upon in advance, with no surprise fees. We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency towards our customers.

Steel-Frame Buildings

Popular for both commercial and agricultural use, steel-frame buildings are incredibly durable and weather resistant. The unique versatility of steel makes it perfect for bespoke projects. Whether you are looking to make a stable or a livestock pen, a steel-frame building could be ideal for the job. All steel components and beams that we use are fabricated and cut before any on-site work is conducted. This cuts down on the time it takes to construct your new property. Consider steel frame for a fast, reliable and efficient build.

Timber-Frame Buildings

For a classic, traditional aesthetic. Our timber-frame buildings are perfect for creating a building with character. In addition to their beauty, timber-frame buildings are also more energy efficient with lower material costs. This means that timber-frame buildings take less time and money to build. We handle every stage of your project with a confidence that only 20+ years of experience in timber construction can offer. From foundation to finish, we complete your project to your standards.

timber building

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel framing is a building technique that involves constructing a ‘skeleton frame’ of vertical steel columns and horizontal steel beams in a rectangular grid. This will support the structure’s floors, roof and walls, which are all joined to the frame.

Timber frame building and construction is designed so that the walls, floors and other sections of the property are largely built from timber. This includes vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations.

The benefit of a timber frame is that it’s easy to modify and add to, because timber can be drilled into and cut. It also retains more heat, so is a better choice for building homes.

In construction, a commercial remodel or revamp can be chosen instead of building a whole new facility. This can be to maximise the space they have for better efficiency, or to use the space more effectively. A commercial remodel is an excellent choice if you feel that the space that you have is sufficient, but could be organised better. It can also be a lot less expensive than making a new construction from the ground up.

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